Vacation Trip

My Vacation Trip (this was back in 5th grade around and I am 7th grade)

Jordan Booher

I walked out my door with my stuff and I was ready to go.  I was going to Gatlinburg Tennessee with my mom, dad, and my best friend Laine.  It was a 6 hour drive but I knew it was worth it.  We had our pillows so we could sleep, and are DS so we could play on.  We were staying at a cabin.  We were also going to Pigeon Forge.

Laine and I stepped into the car, my mom, and dad did as well.  We were off and the first thing we did was sleep because we had to wake up early.  Then we woke up and there was 5 hours left.  We were bored so we started playing are DS.  Suddenly our ears started popping so we looked out our window and can’t believe what we saw.

Laine and I saw huge mountains Laine said, “Those are tall mountains.” I said, “Yeah they are really tall.” Oh and I forgot to say Laine and I got our own flavor gum. We started chewing on a piece to fix are ears popping.  Then there was 4 hours left and it feels like 1,000 hours.

3 hours left and we stopped for a lunch break and bathroom break.  We had Taco Bell’s tacos.  2 hours left and we saw some awesome buildings like shows, activities, Etc. 1 more hour left we were so excited that we wanted to jump out of the car and run around the world.  Laine and I both said, “Are we there yet?”

We were finally at Gatlinburg Tennessee.  We got our cabin code key to get in and we went in as fast as a sonic boom.  We had a ton of fun besides the car ride home.  J

Argumentative Essay

Vison is Improved by Video Games


Have you ever wondered if video games have any benefit on our human bodies? Well here you will find the answer. Your brain becomes very active when you’re playing video games. Video games can improve eyesight.

“Call of Duty” helps your eyesight because it is based on a first person shooter game. When someone pops out in the game it helps how fast you see things in real life. As a first person shooter, you go around trying to kill everyone with your gun. In “Call of Duty” it is very fast making the brain more active which in turn helps to improve eyesight. “It’s thought that playing games like first-person shooters increases levels of dopamine and adrenaline improving eyesight.” (“Digital Trends”)  Dopamine and adrenaline both come from the brain, making your brain active, running your eyesight.

First person shooter games such as “Call of Duty” have another way to help your eyes while playing. Another way is the how fast you are at the game, the faster you are the faster the brain works. “University of Canada took 6 patients. Patients were told to play the game five days a week, 2 hours per day. That following 40 hours of game playing, the vision of five of the six patients showed signs of improvement. They were able to recognize faces more easily, as well as make out small print and judge the direction of moving dots.” (“Digital Trends”) so 5/6 patients showed improvement in the eyesight or 83% of the six patients showed improvement.

It is proven that there is only one way to cure the gray spots you may see in your eyes. In first person shooter games the gray spots you see in your eyes can go away just by playing a game like “Call of Duty”. “The ability to discern slight differences in shades of gray has long been thought to not be improved.” (“Digital Trends”) Shades of the gray spots have now been improved from first person shooter games.

My topic is about video games can improve eyesight. This is important because it helps us see    better in the real world and solve problems better. This is my argument because a ton of people disagree with video games improving eyesight. You can find my information at or just type it into Google.

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Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

The game is designed to be played with at least two players, with one player as the “Defuser”, playing the game on a computer (supporting both keyboard and gamepad controls, as well as support for virtual reality headsets), and the remaining players as the “Experts” reading the provided bomb defusal manual. As designed, the Defuser cannot look at the manual but rely on the Experts to instruct him or her, and likewise the Experts cannot see the bomb and must rely on the Defuser to describe the bomb to them; communicating with each other occurs either directly from across a table, or through online communication software.

This game is so much fun to play with your friends. I will be playing it this weekend 😀

Citing Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism

Plagiarism: the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.

The link below is called noodle tools, noodle tools help you site good information for an article or story or maybe even a book. To use it click the link then click MLA, then choose what you want to site, then click create citation, now fill out the information you know “You don’t have to fill in everything.” Finally save the document code you get in a word document and there you go.

I use noodle tools all the time because it is a great way to cite your information without having to type everything out so I encourage you guys to use noodle tools or tell your teachers about it because it is very good with siting without using plagiarism or coping

Ohio places to visit

cedar point

The first place you should visit in Ohio is Cedar Point a popular theme park in Sandusky. It was a ton of roller coasters and is really fun. Here is the website:


The next place you should go is the Cincinnati Zoo in Cincinnati. It is a fun a beautiful place with lot’s of animals. Here is the website:


The third place you should visit is King’s Island in Mason. King’s Island is another theme park it’s kind of like Cedar Point but more popular. Here Is the website:


The fourth place you should visit is the Columbus Zoo And Aquarium. Columbus Zoo is a beautiful place with lot’s of animals. Here is the website:


The last place you should visit is the Greater Cleveland Aquarium. It has all the fish you could think of. Here is the website:



Thanksgiving Special Positive Journal

I am grateful for…

1. Thanking everyone for everything

2. The life I have now

What world make today great?

1. Have fun in my classes

2. Stay up all night tonight

Daily affirmation…..I am

1. Good at video games

2. Smart at school

Two positive things that happened today…..

1. You got my sugar glider back in it’s cage

2. Got some cupcakes

How could I have made today better

1. Watched my sugar gliders so they didn’t get out

2. Got up earlier

How Gratitude is Shown on Thanksgiving

Gratitude-Thanksgiving2 Thanksgiving-Gratitude via Compfight

It is very important to use gratitude specially on thanksgiving where you come together and have a big feast and you want to be thankful for that. Gratitude means: “The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.” It is important we show gratitude for all the food we get to eat on thanksgiving.

Trees of Life

treeFrom via Compfight

Trees are a very important part of nature. The woody plants that a tree has is also usable as lumber. Depending on the species of the tree some trees like palm trees can live up to 40 or 50 years but trees like Bristlecone Pine trees they can live up to 5,000 years. Trees start as little seeds they grow to this little bush called a sapling then it becomes as tall as a high house. There is an estimate of 100,000 species of trees.

There a lot of types of trees but here are some: Palms, Ferns, Bananas, Bamboos, And Apple trees. A tree has to go through photosynthesis. (Like any other plant) Photosynthesis is the process by which green plants and some other organisms use sunlight to synthesize foods from carbon dioxide and water. One tree can grow up 379 feet or 100 meters tall. Like me or you trees need food to survive and there food is sunlight and water.
A tree can make up to 90,000 sheets of bond-quality paper or 2,700 copies of a 35-page newspaper. I think we need to recycle paper so we don’t have to cut done as many trees as we do today. (2015) The tallest tree ever known is a Coast Redwood named Hyperion stands 115.6 meters high. Trees have many secondary branches supported clear of the ground by the trunk. Well that concludes all the information about trees hopefully you learned a thing or two.

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